He tingut el plaer de treballar amb l’equip de Diferent Creatiu en la realització e la nostra pàgina web i col·laborant en la creació del màrqueting de la Creperia Esquitx. Només tinc paraules positives per descriure la seva feina. Son súper creatius, eficaços i tenen una gran capacitat de comunicació, cosa que s’agraeix moltíssim.

Creperia Esquitx

Con Diferent Creatiu hemos colaborado varias veces y el resultado ha sido excelente. Han entendido perfectamente la visión e imagen de nuestra compañía y lo han plasmado a través de fotografías y de nuestro logo.

Indra Dance Company

I have worked extensively with Diferent Creatiu since 2012 in different capacities; therefore, I would have no doubt to offer my most sincere recommendation.

My first impression of Neus and Carles were of someone intellectual, talented, profound, alive and ready. I believe they complement to each other work also. They are dedicated to bringing their life’s and practices to a higher plateau while welcoming ever-growing connections with those their meet as collaborators, contributors and fellow creators. Within their designs and programming, such as growing ideas arises a well communicative environment while working with them.

They are prepared to take any challenge that may arise!

Their generosity and sense of responsability as a graphic designer and as a softer engineer should be well received in any creative process in any full time job, as well as on a freelance side job.

Anna Borràs